Teams have to submit the pre-evaluation by April 8, 2019.

To validate the pre-evaluation, you must: 

  • -create an account on and post there the current steps and stage of your project
  • -release the actual state of the project with the documentation on GitHub
  • -prepare a short movie presenting the status of your project
  • -fill out and submit Pre-evaluation Form

Additional information:

Please go to Resources page and download the Guidelines representing Digilent design contest seminars by Tom Isenberg held before the 5th edition of the contest for very useful information in preparing a competitive documentation and presentation for the Finals.
The Digilent Design Contest (DDC) Event will be taking place May 11th – 12th 2019.
The final schedule of the presentations will be sent to the teams few days before the competition starts.

For the DDC Presentation, teams will need to present their Power Point® (or any other previously announced and agreed format) presentation files on a computer provided by the organizers for the public presentation.

The projects practical demonstrations will be done using the organizers’ computer or the students’ system. If any software is needed for the project presentation or communication or other extra hardware (keyboards, displays) please contact us until 1st of May, 2019.

It is highly recommended for the documentation and presentation to follow the guidelines and templates from the Information Packet section and examples present in the Resources page.

The final state of the project, documentation and presentation will be stored on one of our systems in order to be further posted on our website.