2016 EU Entries

2016 EU Contest Entries

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Embedded ECG Data Acquisition System

Sapientia University, Tg-Mures, Romania

Embedded ECG data acquisition board, a portable, affordable and cheap ECG data acquisition device for the family medicine, which could be supervised by specialized personnel if the case arises. It uses the ZYBO board, and Pmod BT2.

3D road mapping vehicle

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The idea is to create a road map in order to avoid holes, bumps and other obstructions and to assist the driver for a smooth, relaxing journey with the car. Digilent components used: the ARTY boardchipKIT Pro MX4PmodWiFIPmodOLED, motor shields, DC motors, other miscellaneous parts.

Wilkie  Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

It is, as the name says, an autonomous vacuum cleaner made with ZYBOPmodOLED, DC motors, IR sensors, etc.

Human DNA reassembly using dynamic programming algorithms

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania

The project addresses the topic of the bioinformatics and computing science by proposing the implementation of a human genome reassembly algorithm on a Nexys 4DDR development board by using dynamic programming algorithms.

Zynq Image Enhancement System

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania

The aim of this project is to make an Image Enhancement System using the ZYNQ ApSOC – ZYBO. It’s a system that can clear out the fog from images or video. This system will take in poor conditions visual data as the input, process it using image enhancement techniques and then output the result.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Politechnics of Timisoara, Romania

The Thermal Imaging Camera project is based on the FLIR Lepton long wave infrared sensor which is used for capturing the infrared reflection from the physical objects. The data captured by the FLIR module is combined with a visual spectrum imaging camera using the Digilent Zybo board and displayed on a VGA compatible screen. The two images are overlapped in software and the finite product is a much sharper image that shows the temperature of the objects and their contour due to the Visual spectrum camera.

Monitoring and Assistive Technologies for Individuals With Mobility Impairments

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

This project allows persons with motor disabilities (partial or full loss of control of body parts as a result of disease, trauma or defect) to acquire control of external devices and systems, such as lights, mechanical apparatus (electrical-mechanically controlled bed, as those used in hospitals), smartphones, computers, and many others. The projects also cover the monitoring and alarm signaling of various parameters of user’s health (pulse, blood pressure and oxygen saturation, body temperature), and environment (ambient temperature, spot IR temperature, various hazardous gaseous concentrations in air, dust pollution concentration and gamma radiation dose count). It uses the ZYBO boardPmod BT2PmodOLEDPmodDA4.

Sounding Rocket Avionics with FPGA 

Istanbul Technical University​, Turkey

This project shows the electronic brain needed to control a rocket flight. It uses the Arty boardPmod ACLPmodGPSPmodCMPS.

Digital low bit-rate voice communication

Military Technical Academy, Bucharest, Romania

It provides a solution for communications problem when a critical situation appears. A critical situation could be a wildfire, a military action or a natural disaster. That would be the moment when normal voice transmissions stop to satisfy our needs and this is why I came with the idea of this system. Digilent components used: the Zed board.

Wearable Wellness System

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The purpose of the project is to monitor the effort, stress, panic or myocardial predecessor moments based on impedance of skin. Taking the impedance of skin we can interpret the variation of this in time. We know the impedance of skin is inversely with effort or sickness. Also the project can be used like lie detector as well. It’s built around the ZYBO board and uses PmodOLEDPmodRF2 and PmodIA modules. 

Custom high speed DAQ system with FPGA

Politechnics of Bucharest, Romania
Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

This project represents a very cheap solution of building a digital oscilloscope as well as a way of measuring some medical signals. The Nexys4 DDRboard is used for this project, together with a custom board AD9215 part containing.

Brzydal – the social robot

University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland​

The goal of the project is to investigate uncanny valley hypothesis (cognitive robotics) and other social interaction of robots.The project uses the ZYBO board, PmodWIFI and PmodAMP2.

An embedded vision system supporting the home care for convalescent or elderly people

University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland​

The goal is to implement a hardware-software vision system designated for home care of elderly people or convalescents.
The project is based on visual analysis of person’s behavior. The system allows to detect health or life-threatening situations like falls, fainting or lack of movement for a longer period of time.
It uses the ZYBO

The Pathfinder Zybot

Debrecen University, Hungary

The robot will be able to bring an object from any location to another. This task needs to solve problems such as odometry, localization, mapping, and continuous communication with the user(s) and detect and handle unplanned barriers.The project uses the ZYBO board, PmodCMPS and PmodBT2

Radio Transmitter​

Politechnics of Timisoara, Romania

The main purpose of this project is to build a digital radio transmitter using an FPGA development board (Nexys4 DDR board) from Digilent, a hardware description language (VHDL) and a high speed digital to analog converter from Analog Devices ADV7123. Until now this radio can be used up to 6 MHz at 50 MSPS​

Fluid Spectrum Analyser equipment with ZYBO board​

Lajos Petrik Industrial Chemistry Informatics and Environmental Highschool, Budapest, Hungary

This home made instrument describes what fluid is inside the test tube. It provides a real time measurement capability for varied fluids qualitative analysis. It uses ZYBO board, and the old bundle Anvyl Pmod Pack.