2015 EU Regional

On May 16th & 17th, 2015, the 11th edition of the international “Digilent Design Contest” took place at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

This year we had nearly 40 applicants, and after a selection process, 20 teams (students working alone or in pairs) were chosen to present at the contest. They came from universities in Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Baia-Mare(Romania), France, Italy and HungaryOn Saturday, all 20 of these teams presented their hard work in front of nine judges. After that, the nine best projects were chosen. 

On Sunday, May 17ththose nine teams went head-to-head in front of all the participants and judges in order to determine who would be the victor. The CTO of Digilent Inc., Clint Cole, and Joe Harris, the COO of Digilent Inc. were also present at the award ceremony and congratulated the winners for the achievements.




Eusebiu Burlacu 
Sebastian Pascu 


Gheorghe Asachi University Iasi, Romania 

First Prize

Health and Security Cloud System – The project is able to take the ECG signal from the body, to process it and send some samples to the cloud. Also the project is able to monitor the person activity(if the person is active / inactive or he has fallen down). All this information will be available to a doctor via Exosite cloud system. 

Guillaume Fauxpoint
Oussama El Fatayri 
Hugo Bevilacqua 
Serdar Sahin


INSA de Touluse, France

First Prize

Portable Game Console  Portable game console matching the performance of a 16-bit gaming platform such as SNES, Sega Mega Drive, with multilayer frames and scrolling.

Antonin Martin-Schouler
Nicolas Duminy

Telecom Bretagne

Brest, France

Second Prize

The globe of persistence of vision – The aim of the project is to show a new way of using the concept of the persistence of vision in a context very distant from the movie, even if it is still used to show pictures or videos. However the concept of the persistence of vision is not only used to create an impression of fluidity of a movement on a screen by displaying very quickly images one after another (twenty four images by second for a
movie) but also to create the illusion of a 3D object

Andrei Vlad Verdes
George-Radivoi Rosu

Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

Second Prize

RFID Travel Automation Gadget – The project is centered on a small-scale vehicle prototype, guided on its desired path only using the new RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and with the aid of FPGA‟s fast response time. 

Oana Valentina Rusu

Petru Maior University, Tirgu-Mures, Romania

Third Prize and XUP Special Award

FPIDroid House  The Smart Storm Hunter (SSH) project is intended for remote monitoring of meteorological parameters with automatic alerting in case of approaching a lightning storm. The SSH contain two components: Sensor Module (SM) and Monitoring Center (MC). The SM is located in the place from which are retrieved weather data. The MC is located on the place where data from SM are processed.

Vlad Mihnea Pop
Alex Tatar

Petru Maior University, Tirgu-Mures, Romania

Honorable Mention

Autonomous Search and Rescue Squad – An application that consists of two mobile platforms. The controlling unit is powered by a Nexys4DDR development board.

Orban Hunor
Botond Czirjek

Petru Maior University, Tirgu-Mures, Romania

Honorable Mention

Smart irrigation system  With this system we can improve the irrigation and reduce the time spent with it. Because the system is fully automatic, we don’t need to spend time with irrigating the plants, and the irrigation will be started only if it’s necessary.

András Erdos
Potornai Anett

University of Debrecen, Hungary

Honorable Mention

Keep Close to Me  A robot controller which is able to make decisions based on it’s own environment. It discovers the area and build a database from the surrounding areas where it can access. It is able to find the shortest path to any location in the area (after the mapping process) .It continuously collects information about the changes of its environment, so always it can take the best decision.

Alexandru- Mihai Ionescu

Gheorghe Asachi University Iasi, Romania

Honorable Mention

Lab Test Bench  A small, affordable digital oscilloscope and waveform generator based off on chipKIT board WF32.

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