2015 EU Entries

2015 EU Contest Entries

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Autonomous Search and Rescue Vehicles

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

 An application that consists of two mobile platforms. The controlling unit is powered by a Nexys4DDR development board.

FPiDroid House

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

A monitoring and control platform based on FPGA structures, embedded systems and web technologies. It provides the possibility to control multiple houses from one single web interface and the posibility to use existing devices, with minor changes.

Keep close to me

Debrecen University, Hungary

A robot controller which is able to make decisions based on it’s own environment. It discovers the area and build a database from the surrounding areas where it can access. It is able to find the shortest path to any location in the area (after the mapping process) .It continuously collects information about the changes of its environment, so always it can take the best decision.

Gesture detection based controlling device 

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

A human-machine interface designed for a diverse application range, from video games control to TV remote access. In this design it is used in order to control a FPGA image display application but it can be use as a Linux controller. 


Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center Baia Mare, Romania

The Intelligent Arm has 4 axes of freedom thanks to the parallel-mechanism, which was inspired by ABB PalletPack. Arduino UNO will control the robot’s movements on those 4 axes with the help of 5 servo motors, 3 servo motors will be at the base of the arm which will control the rotation of its own axis and the movement on the axe X of the arm, and the 2 micro Servos will be implemented on the tip of the Intelligent Arm in order to be able to catch and spin objects

Health and Security Cloud System

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The project is able to take the ECG signal from the body, to process it and send some samples to the cloud. Also the project is able to monitor the person activity(if the person is active / inactive or he has fallen down). All this information will be available to a doctor via Exosite cloud system.

Spy Rover

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center Baia Mare, Romania

Spy Rover is a warning system combined with an obstacle detection and collision feature. It was implemented and tested. It features an GoPro camera mounted on the top for retrieving videos. The communication between the camera and the computer is realized using the free Android application, IP Webcam, together with a virtual camera application.


Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

This project tackles the problem of frivolous power consumption in a household, acting like a smart switch that can be controlled wirelessly.
This system can be set up to work for different applications related to home automation, such as smart lighting, presence detection, heating control, that is why we want to make the best out of all its features.


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A data acquisition and monitoring system for a wide range of signals: video, distance measuring, temperature measuring, GPStracking, collected in various environments via a hexacopter drone which is controlled over the wireless using the Digilent chipkit Wi-FIRE board and an Android device for overall system control and mobility.

Lab test bench

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

A small, affordable digital oscilloscope and waveform generator based off on chipKIT board WF32.

Domotic Remote-Assistance device 

University of Cagliari, Italy

A domotic remote-assistance device, to be connected to
the external environment by means of the IoT paradigm. The device will be used for the health- and wellness-care of elderly (or, more generally, non completely self-sufficient)

Autobalancing Table

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Auto balancing table, made with a complementary filter composed by an accelerometer (PMODAcl) and a gyroscope (PMODGyro). 

Virtual touch screen with Zybo

University of Novi Sad, Serbia

 The idea of this project is to emulate touch screen using regular TFT monitor and USB Web camera. Basically, if you point a camera to capture the image on the screen, with the detection software you can track a moving object, in this case a finger, extract its coordinates and pass it to a desired application


National Technical University of Athens, Greece

A patient aid device. For patients not able to walk and speak but only move their hand, AssistGlove will translate hand movement into commands through a simple user interface. These commands will be synthesized voice commands that the patient will select with simple hand movements and address a nearby help agent to provide the necessary and required items to the patient

Industrial FPGA

Cracow University of Technology, Poland

An automation system for a chemical reactor, where the temperature and rotational speed of the stirrer are very important. Internal parameters of container such as temperature or speed are controlled by the automation system in the SoC device


Politechnics of Timisoara, Romania

The main feature of this project is the indicator which executes rotating moves in order to indicate the speed of the device. The indicator and the background image are both memorized in internal RAM of the FPGA. Therefore any image that complies with the resolution of the LCD may be displayed on the LCD.

Globe of persistence of vision

Telecom Bretagne, France

The aim of the project is to show a new way of using the concept of the persistence of vision in a context very distant from the movie, even if it is still used to show pictures or videos. However the concept of the persistence of vision is not only used to create an impression of fluidity of a movement on a screen by displaying very quickly images one after another (twenty four images by second for a
movie) but also to create the illusion of a 3D object

RFID Travel Automation Gadget

Politechnics of Timisoara, Romania

The project is centered on a small-scale vehicle prototype, guided on its desired path only using the new RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and with the aid of FPGA‟s fast response time. 

Portable Game Console –
GPU Team

University of Toulouse, France

Portable game console matching the performance of a 16-bit gaming platform such as SNES, Sega Mega Drive, with multilayer frames and scrolling.

Smart irrigation system

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

With this system we can improve the irrigation and reduce the time spent with it. Because the system is fully automatic, we don’t need to spend time with irrigating the plants, and the irrigation will be
started only if it’s necessary.