2014 US Entries

2014 US Contest Entries

Project Name

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Home Security System 

California State University Northridge

Improve the home security by detecting the entrance of an intruder as well as the existence of over the limit of harmful gases or fire and detect temperature and issue a warming if it not within a specific range. The output of these sensors is sent to FPGA and we use the FPGA and ARM to serially send an alert message to the home owner. 

Auto-Driving Car

US Air Force Academy

An automobile that will be able to drive itself on the highway with minimal user input, allowing the driver to relax and get to his or her destination safely. 

Quad-copter Car

Tuskegee University 

A hybrid between a quad-copter and a car.  “Quad-car” will move in one direction toward a number of different types of obstacles, and use ultrasonic sensors to determinate whether or not it would be more ideal to drive or fly to continue in a straight direction.

Area Mapping by External Ranging (AMBER) 

US Air Force Academy 

A 3-dimensional mapping robot which can map a room on command and send the data via Bluetooth to the computer station where it will be graphically displayed. The platform will combine Ultrasonic and IR sensor to generate a rough and precise sketch of the room. 

Excel on FPGA 

Highline community college

Formulas are entered and will have answers and output graphs. The algorithms break the speed of barrier of the processing speeds. FPGA can smash the DSP yielding extremely fast processing (and that can be measured) and leading the way to a revolution in distributed computing and networks needing very quick calculations. 

A Remote Monitoring Platform

New York College of Technology

Construct an unmanned quad-rotor helicopter outfitted with monitoring devices. It can locate and record the status of an object (human or animal), then the data will be  analyzed in the central location.

Intelligent Sun Tracker 

New York College of Technology

A Microcontroller controlling servo motors will intelligently orient an attached solar panel supported by a base created using 3D printed parts to obtain the maximum sunlight.

T.O.B.I.A.S- Tele Operated Bi Manual Augmented System

New York College of Technology

A humanoid robot that can be intuitively operated remotely via Bluetooth Interface. Additionally the system will incorporate a simple and effective remote viewing system.

Elderly Independence

New York College of Technology

A device monitors a person’s vitals, while allowing them to maintain their independence. To establish an autonomous wave of information via network communicated setup to decrease emergency unit response time in the event of an accident. 

MP3 Player

Farmingdale State College

A MP3 Player which is touch screen capable for navigation.