2014 EU Entries

2014 EU Contest Entries

Project Name

Description and content


Real time digital circuit design tool in FPGA with VGA interface

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Real-time logic gates simulation tool using FPGA board and VGA interface. The interface includes the schematic design area and Logic analyzer area, where the output signals can be visualized.

Remote Object Carrier

Politechnics of Timisoara, Romania

A model for a microcontroller based mobile device useful for picking up objects and moving them to a desired location. The design implies using a camera for front vision and an application that enables the user to maneuver the rover, target a desired object and move it to another location

Robby Check-Mate

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A wireless network controlled chess playing robot built with chipKIT WF32™  Prototyping Platforms.
     It is a real size chess board with magnetic chess pieces that permit a person to play a game of chess against a computer or against another person connected to the game through a computer application written in Java language located on a server.

GFX – Processor

Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Tirgu-Mures, Romania

A guitar effects processor with extended sound saving and looping capability. Sound effects:
 Modulation (Chorus, flanger, etc.)
 Reverb (Room, spring, Hall, etc.)
 Phaser

Virtual Drum Kit

Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Using two cameras to acquire images of the drums, then these images are processed in order to find the position of the drumstick’s tip. Comparing the coordinates of successive frames it can be determined if the drumstick has passed through an area predefined as being part of the drum kit. If it is true then a sound associated with that part that was hit is played. 

GSM&GPS Car Diagnosis System

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The main functions of the system proposed: real time tracking of the vehicle, road map plotting , speed limit threshold alert, notifying the owner in case of uncommon situations by GSM using SMS service, connection of the system using CAN communication to the car OBDII interface in order to diagnose the state of the car and sending information about car state and position through GPRS communication to FTP server.

Sharp House

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The project’s goal is to create a Smart House application, which will assist the inhabitants in comfort, security and energy efficiency areas. There will be several types of modules in our system, which will be physically located in the house or near it.

Autoscaling Impedancemeter 

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The “Autoscaling Impedancemeter” is used to measure the impedance parameters for elementary or complex unknown impedance. The device will measure directly the R and X parameters and then calculate the impedance parameters based on an algorithm. It has two modes of operation: 
a) manual mode
b) auto-scaling mode

Real-time 3D structure estimation and analysis of traffic scenes for high speed visual driving assistance 

Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

A vehicle driver will be alerted in case of an imminent collision is detected with the information gathered via a stereo camera and the processing of visual data within a hardware FPGA platform. The algorithms which will be used to detect objects are the disparity map computation, which delivers car-to-obstacles distances, and the collision prediction using the dynamics of the detected objects.

Smart Bunny

University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania

Offers an intelligent system for pet owners. It brings an automatic feeding and watering process, making it easier for the owner to take care of their pet, even when they’re not around them.The system is automatic, but the user can also control it, using the mobile app that comes with “Smart bunny”. It also comes with a video monitoring system, connected to the internet, so the user can be in touch with his pet in real time. Another feature is that the system can monitor the environmental parameters and it comes with a database so the owner can access all the information that is useful for him.

Smart Storm Hunter 

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

The Smart Storm Hunter (SSH) project is intended for remote monitoring of meteorological parameters with automatic alerting in case of approaching a lightning storm. The SSH contain two components: Sensor Module (SM) and Monitoring Center (MC). The SM is located in the place from which are retrieved weather data. The MC is located on the place where data from SM are processed.

Control of a Ball and Beam System

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

The goal of the project is to balance a ball that rolls on a beam.  A control system which will measure the position of the ball wire and adjust the tilt of the beam accordingly is deemed necessary. In this system, 2 parameters (the tilt of the beam and the position of the ball) will be controlled by a single DC motor.

Self Balancing Personal Transporter

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

 A self balancing robot which is a personal transporter with a small footprint, is perfect for this situation. It gives you the flexibility of walking at the speed of a bicycle without making any effort. It is almost free to use; for the price of a fill of petrol (80$) you can ride more than 5000 km (3100 miles), that’s more the distance from San Francisco to New York.

Persistence of Vision RGB

University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania

POV (Persistence of vision) is a principle based on which an image of a moving object appears continuous on the retina, even after its position has changed. The project exploiting this effect by rotating a panel of LEDs, which are changing the column of an image they are displaying at a regular amount of time. Thus, being able to simulate a full 360 degree display just by using two vertical LED panels. 

Mosquito Quad-Copter

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The project will consist of creating a flying drone (quad-copter) capable of following a person in different outdoor activities. The ‘following feature’ will be implemented using a video-camera, mounted on the drone, and a specific pattern drawn on the person helmet & cloths

FPGA Climatic

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

The project is aimed at replacing the typical thermostat of the central heating and the air conditioning control system in our homes with an FPGA based platform. 
This platform would replace the two devices used to control the heating and cooling systems (the thermostat and the AC remote control). Furthermore, it is easier to control everything since all available commands and menus are shown on a screen

Biker Assistant

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

Cyclo-computers are used to measure and display various information about a bike trip. These information are viewed on a LCD display mounted on bike handle bar.
A basic cyclo-computer may display the current speed, the time, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance and trip time.

Servomotor Drive

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

A driver which will control a 3-phase engine in order to obtain engine’s position with a high accuracy according to given digital signal. The solution can be used in applications such as robotics and CNC machines.

Smart Bluetooth Tank

Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

The Smart Tank will be controlled by a comfortable application on PC or android. This means forward, backward, left, right, and turn around.
The robot will be able to go to a location (the actual position is (0.0)), it gets the parameters and will go there.
If it meets obstacles, it will report those said obstacles to the user. If it is going somewhere, and hits an obstacle, it will try to bypass them, then reports if succeeded or not.

CPU Analyzer

Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

The project implements a generic in circuit debug solution for custom processors. The proof of concept is implemented using a Z80 core. The Z80 core is debugged using a Microblaze core. The connection of the Microblaze core to the host computer is made using UART communication. The project can be used in two use cases: – to debug the program that is being written to the custom core 
– to debug the custom core using benchmark software.
 A PC software implementing a graphical user interface is created to allow easy debugging.

Overflight Drone

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center Baia Mare, Romania

A cheap and modular drone, that is built around well-known platforms and components that is able to ensure a safe and easy overfly an area. The drone is able to exchange date with other smart object, if it is available, and will give the person how want control the possibility to see and control the drone on 2D google earth maps live time

Scout Robot

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center Baia Mare, Romania

An autonomous scout robot which can be used in human rescue missions. The robot will be able to search for victims in unknown or dangerous environments. The platform must be able to avoid obstacles and guide itself with the help of it’s sensors towards it’s goal and in the same time make the victim aware of it’s presence.

Driver drowsiness detection system

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A system that detects the fatigue of the driver with the help of a video camera and the ZyBo board form Digilent. Face, eyes and mouth recognition is realized with the help of Viola -Jones algorithm, implemented in VHDL and C++ and then based on some common reactions of a tired driver we detect fatigue and then trigger some alarms and preventive warnings even before the driver will fall asleep.

Digilent RoboSpy

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

A mobile robot platform, designed to acquire data from sensors, from dangerous or suspicious environments for the human being.
It is controlled via WiFi, sends data from sensors and modules that are attached to platform (it will measure temperature, the humidity of air, the current, the environmental luminosity, the distance from obstacles, quantity of LPG gas and smoke, acceleration, GPS, 3-axis orientation, soil humidity), also it can control an attached robotic arm with servo motors for grabbing various objects and it can control an Android smartphone.

Auto pilot

Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Tg-Mures, Romania

 Implementation of an auto pilot on an RC airplane which can fly on a given path.

Harmony –Weelchair for Disabled Persons

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A low cost electric wheelchair for people with partial or complete disabilities, which is controlled remotely by voice.  It gathers a set of features in order to harmonize disabled persons within complex environments.   

Drive Assistant

University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania

A prototype system which is best suited to the car of tomorrow. The main goal of our project is not to replace the human driver, but to improve security together with comfort while driving.


Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures, Romania

A flying drone with 3 propels. The TriCopter is based on a chipKIT™ Pro MX4 extended with 3 motors with propels, a gyroscope for control and a PmodWiFi – 802.11b WiFi Interface to communication between the drone and the controller. The TriCopter will be controlled with a mobile phone with his own application using the phone’s gyroscope

Multi Measurement Data Logger Unit

Subotica Tech College of Applied Sciences, Serbia

The project goal is to develop and build a measuring device and measure various changes in building materials at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Subotica. The device will be capable to read data from various measuring devices simultaneously such as digital calipers, dial indicators, gauge factors, etc. and to log the measured data to a PC or a memory card.