2013 EU Regional

On May 18th & 19th, 2013, the 9th edition of the international “Digilent Design Contest” took place at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The contest was organized by Digilent RO (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), in cooperation with Digilent, Inc. and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology. 

39 teams coming from Universities in Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Iasi, Constanta, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Baia-Mare, Bucharest (Romania), Debrecen, Budapest (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey), London (UK), Kempten (Germany), Tartu (Estonia) and more, qualified in the final stage of presentation & judging. 

In the award ceremony, held Sunday, May 19th, winners were awarded certificates by Prof. Dr. Eng. Gabriel Oltean, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and prizes by representatives of the co-organizer companies.




Gábor Csire
Attila Végh

University of Debrecen Debrecen, Hungary

First Prize

Automatic PCB drill and CNC machine – a machine which is able to automatic drilling or milling a printed circuit board (PCB) or build a CNC machine which can perform positioning in three directions and is able to work with the command set of G code like drilling or milling

Albert Antal Zoltan
Istvan Szabo


Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Second Prize

Stivy Forklifts – autonomous forklift vehicle with two wheels and a fork controlled by a servo motor.

Johannes Heinsoo

ETH Zurich 


Third Prize

Isingler – a Xilinx® Spartan 6 FPGA,  Atlys board project in which a virtual hardware was designed to run Metropolis Algorithm in parallel for high-speed simulation of Ising model at low temperatures.

Nicolae Rosia

Bogdan Chifor

Military Technical Academy Bucharest, Romania

ARM Award

SecureLink – a modular, high-performance (~400 MB/s) framework which permits complex operations to be processed in FPGA, freeing the CPU to do more important tasks. A Linux kernel module exports a character device which acts as a FIFO device into which you write data that’s going to be encrypted and you read back the result of the cryptographic operation.

Bogdan Bacrau

Transilvania University of Brasov

Brasov, Romania

Microchip Award

DrumBot – a smart mechanical arm that can precisely remake a rhythm done by the human user on an acoustic drum. The remade beats should not only respect the moment in which the original beats occurred but should also respect the intensity and position of each beat.a smart mechanical arm that can precisely remake a rhythm done by the human user on an acoustic drum. 

George-Laurentiu Tudorache

Amet Erol

Maritime University,

Constanta, Romania

Microchip Award

Voice Controlled Robot  a simple but versatile robot capable of interacting with humans and the surrounding environment just by listening to some simple voice commands. It is also able to reply to it’s master by displaying his status and the data requested and also by giving a spoken feedback

Luiza Mihaiuc
Cristian Florin Vijiian

Gheorghe Asachi University, Iasi, Romania

Honorable Mention

Arduino Based Expert System – a monitoring station and sensor module which communicates via RF link and is intended to measure: sunshine duration, humidity and temperature.

Márton Bur
Balázs Janos Somos

University of Technology and Economy

Budapest, Hungary​

Honorable Mention

Art on the Two Wheels a two-wheeled, remote controlled drawing robot that can draw on any kind of smooth surface and has the ability of path mapping and path learning.

George Lucian Robu
Lucian Priscu 

Transilvania University of Brasov

Brasov, Romania

Honorable Mention

Automation Project for a Natural Gas Compressing Skid  an automation project implemented via a microcontroller solution, using the following structure. An infinite loop will sample at a sufficient frequency the values received from the sensors and will generate corresponding output signals