2012 US Finals

A Three-arm optical tracking system, a WebScope, and a FPGA Based M2M Heterogeneous Virtualization System were some of the winners of the 2012 Worldwide Digilent Design Contest Finals. Eight teams from Romania, US and China competed for glory, honor, and cash prizes. The contest is co-sponsored by Xilinx Inc. and Washington State University.
Held in Pullman on September 29th, the student engineering contest was a showdown between projects that won top honors in the 2012 regional Digilent Design Contests Europe, China, United States.




Yao Yuan 
Lu Zhongyong 


Zhejiang University


First Prize

FPGA Based M2M Heterogeneous Virtualization System – a Xilinx® FPGA-based cloud computing system 

Hancha Zhan
Junpei Ha
Heliang Lin

Qin rong Li
Zhouyang Wang
Qianqian Yang

 Huazhong University of Science and Technology 


Second Prize

Three-arm Optical Tracking System – a Cypress® PSoC-based solar tracking system that solves the problem of concentrating solar power generation in the condenser control

Nicolae Rosia
Bogdan Chifor

Military Technical Academy

Bucharest, Romania

Third Prize

WebScope for Virtual Laboratory – a remote debug system that consists of an FPGA board which hosts a web server. It has a browser-based oscilloscope, signal generator based on a DAC module, controlling the state of I/O pins, logging the data obtained and generating stereo sound.